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Macau is another Special Administrative Region of China, similar to Hong Kong. Macau is governed by its own laws, has its own currency, but with close overwatch by the central government. Due to the close proximity, Hong Kong dollars and China's Ren Ming Bi (yuan) are also widely accepted.

Macau's development has many parallels to Hong Kong. Situated on the west side of Pearl River Delta, opposite of Hong Kong, Macau used to be a Portugese colony, just as Hong Kong was a British Colony. Unlike Hong Kong, Macau chose to focus on tourism instead of business and trade.

Macau is a very tourist-friendly destination. There are many historic and modern points of interest to see, as well as dining and gaming locations.


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Macau has its own airport on Taipa island, though the airport is a secondary destination among Asian cities. Additionally, it borders Shekou, Guangdong. It is possible to cross into China there.

There are ferry and helicopter services between Macau and Hong Kong.