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Shinjuku is the center of the modern Tokyo. The skyscraper district is located in the western part of this neighborhood. One of the tallest and most distinctive skyscraper is the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building. The observation deck on the 45th floor is open to the public for free.

Shinjuku offers everything from business, shopping, entertainment, dining, and more. The area surrounding the train station is full of department stores. There are Lumine, Milord, Keioh, Takashimaya Times Square, Yodobashi Camera, Kinokuniya Bookstore and so on. There is no lack of shopping options for clothes and brand goods.

Intermingled with stores are many restaurants serving many cuisine styles including ethnic cuisines. There are so many great restaurants that I would do them injustice to write about some but not others.


Places to Visit

To See

To Shop

  • Yodobashi Camera
  • Lumine


Shinjuku is one of the world's busiest train stations. It is a major transportation hub serviced by JR, subway and private rail companies. Many rail lines have Shinjuku as a terminus or a stop on its route.