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Ikebukuro is another transportation hub of Tokyo, primarily for the commuters who live to the north and west. Unlike Shinjuku's government and commerce oriented nature, Ikebukuro's main draw is entertainment and leisure.

Most of the activities are between the Ikebukuro Station East Exit and Sunshine City. The Sunshine 60 Dori street marks a straight line from the train station to Sunshine City. The street is lined with many shops, movie theaters and eateries. Sunshine 60 Dori is often closed to vehicle traffic during the afternoon and evening.


Places to Visit

To See

  • Various cat cafes

To Shop

  • Parco
  • Tokyu Hands
  • Bic Camera/Sofmap
  • Yamada Denki Labi
  • Sunshine City
  • Toranoana


Ikebukuro is a major transportation hub serviced by JR, subway and private rail companies. Many rail and subway lines run from Ikebukuro to central Tokyo and points north and west.