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Tokyo Green Hotel Ochanomizu

The Tokyo Green Hotel Ochanomizu is situated in the college neighborhood Ochanomizu. The hotel is ranked between two and three star business hotel. The staff is efficient and friendly.

The single room is typical for a business hotel. The space is about 10 square meters with bed, bath and desk efficiently packed in. As you can see in the photographs below, the TV is suspended over the foot of the bed. I happened to be in the hotel during the Chuuetsu Earthquake that took place on 2004-10-23. The TV stand was sturdy enough to withstand the shock, so no worries there. The hotel has since replaced these CRT televisions with LCD models.

A night's stay costs between 7000 and 8000 jpy for a single room in this property. The hotel is complete with on-site restaurant, massage and a nearby convenience store. Additionally, the Kanda post office is few doors away and has ATM forforeign visitors to withdraw cash.

This hotel is closed indefinitely as of March, 2009.

Tokyo Green Hotel Ochanomizu



The Tokyo Green Hotel is about 5 minutes walking distance from JR Ochanomizu, Akihabara and Kanda stations, serviced by Chuo, Sobu, Yamanote and Keihin Tohoku lines. The hotel is 2 minutes away from the Awajicho/Ogawamachi/Shin Ochanomizu stations serviced by Marunouchi, Shinjuku and Chiyoda subway lines respectively.