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Ramen Kanda

Ramen Jirou-style is experiencing a boom lately. Jirou-style ramen is characterized by its pork broth that is close to tonkotsu ramen, along with the toppings. Ramen Kanda, formerly part of the Ramen Jirou chain, still serves Jirou-style ramen.

Ramen Kanda's menu is simple, and still contains the same items as when it was operating under Ramen Jirou banner. There is regular, charshu (roast pork), double roast pork and tsukemen (dry noodles dipped in separate soup). You can get any ramen in regular or large for 100 yen more. They also offer stewed eggs and beer. That's it. There is no gyoza or other side dishes.

When you arrive at the store, chances are there is already a queue. Sometimes the queue can be long due to the popularity and the small size of the store. I went right as it opened and got seated right away, but a queue quickly formed by 10 minutes after opening. When you wait your way to front of the queue, you can then make the selection at the ticket machine near the entrance. The chefs do not take order and there is no wait staff.

After you take your seat, leave your ticket on the top of the counter for the chef. When it's busy, the chef will take the tickets from the first few people in the queue and have the ramen ready when the seat opens up.

Right before the ramen is served, the chef will ask you for toppings. There are four to choose from: ninniku (garlic), yasai (cabbage and bean sprout), abura (fatty) and karame (more flavoring). Common choices are yasai and ninniku. Toppings do not cost extra, and you can ask for double such as double yasai which will result in a mound of bean sprouts on top of your ramen.

After you finish your ramen, put your empty bowl on the top of the counter and clean up your area with the supplied rag. Say "gochisosama" and show appreciation to the chef.

This is a large charsiu ramen with yasai (cabbage and bean sprouts) and ninniku (garlic). The price was 900 yen in April 2010.

Ramen Kanda


Ramen Kanda is located 3 minutes from Kanda station in an alley off a back street. It can be hard to find.

From Kanda station, take the South Exit and cross the intersection and keep going south on a one-way street. You will be going against the vehicle traffic flow. As you pass a gigantic bank of drink and cigarette vending machines, Ramen Kanda is in the second alley to the right. If you went too far to the traffic signal, it is in the last alley before the traffic signal. Look for the bright yellow canopy and sign.