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Niku no Mansei

Niku no Mansei is a meat specialty restaurant. They are famous for their steak,sukiyaki, shabu shabu, yakiniku and so on. The multi-story restaurant features different cuisine on each floor. The typical dinner expense is between 2500 to 4000 jpy per person.

The seating area is divided into many booths and well lit. If possible, ask for a window seat facing Akihabara. From there, you can take in the neon-lit Electric Town, that even at night, is still bustling.

The one time that I visited, my friends and I ordered the shabu shabu course. The wagyu beef was fresh and well marbled. In shabu shabu, the diners do their own cooking. One quick dip of the thinly sliced beef in the boiling broth cooks through the meat but still maintain its tenderness. The shabu shabu course also comes with other vegetables to make a soup out of the remaining stock.

In summary, the food was good, the price is reasonable. The location and atmosphere can't be beat.

Niku no Mansei



Niku no Mansei is on Chuo-dori, Akihabara's main thoroughfare, south of the Mansei Bridge.