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Kyushu Jangara

Kyushu Jangara is a ramen restaurant chain that serves Kyushu-style ramen--thin noodles in white broth stewed from pork bones. The restaurant has over 20 years of history, with many famous people such as former Prime Minister Koizumi having dined here when he was in office.

The menu is very simple. One starts with a bowl with stock and noodles. Then, pick and choose what goes in the noodle, or have all-in "zenbu iri", where the bowl is topped with various stewed meat, egg, fish roe and miso. A bowl of ramen costs between 600 and 1000 jpy, depending on how many ingredients are added. One can also order extra serving of noodles for a nominal price.

Most of the seating in the restaurant is shoulder to shoulder at the counter. There are few tables but don't count on getting them for your party.

Ramen is common salaryman grub, and Kyushu Jangara is no different. In the above photo, taken at 21:40 local time after I had dined there, shows couple salarymen still queued up to be seated. Eating there feels like partaking in the salaryman camaraderie: rubbing shoulders with other salarymen seated next to you, wolfing down hot, delicious ramen, and then hurrying to the train station before the last train home departs. Everything repeats again tomorrow.

Kyushu Jangara


Kyushu Jangara is located in the back streets of Akihabara. Search for Chiyoda Ku Soto Kanda 3-11-6 on Google Maps to see where it is located.

The restaurant now has multiple locations, including one in the trendy shopping center Omotesando.