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Akihabara Washington Hotel

Washington Hotel is one of the many hotel chains in Japan. Their properties generally fall under 3 star business hotels. The Akihabara property is the hotel closest to the Akihabara station.

The rooms are typical for a business hotel. The standard single room is 10 square meter large, just enough for a bed, desk and bathroom. A single room ordinarily costs about 10,000 jpy, but there are frequently discounts that bring the price down to 7000 jpy.

If Akihabara is your destination, there is no hotel that is more convenient.

The hotel has reopened in 2010 after the renovation. The rooms are considerably larger and better appointed than before.

Akihabara Washington Hotel


These pictures are of a standard single room.


Akihabara Washington Hotel is about 2 minutes away from the Akihabara station by foot.