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Akihabara, also known as Electric Town, is a neighborhood situated on the east side of the city. The neighborhood is at the intersection of many train lines, making it very accessible from all directions.

Akihabara's reputation as the Electric Town started as a black market for electronic parts during the second world war. Originally, the focus was on radio and other wireless electronics vital to the war taking place at the time. Many stores today still have "musen" or wireless in their names.

In the post-war era, Akihabara's focus gradually shifted from radio and wireless to computers, electronics and household appliances. The large department stores such as Yodobashi Camera, Satou Musen, Laox, etc., all have household appliances as their main business.

In the past ten years, the manga and anime subculture has settled in the area and made it its own. Today, Akihabara is dotted with many book stores, hobby stores, maid cafes, etc. Cosplayers and maids are common sight in the area.

Recently, there are developments to turn Akihabara into an IT center. The completion of the UDX and other buildings and the Tsukuba Express that links Akihabara with Tsukuba Science City--the site of 1985 Expo and the site of University of Tsukuba--brings the effort one step closer to the goal.



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Akihabara is on the east side of the Yamanote circle between Tokyo and Ueno stations. It is served by Yamanote line, Keihin Tohoku line, Chuo line and Sobu line on the JR East system, and the Hibiya subway line.