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Tim Ho Wan Dimsum Specialist

Tim Ho Wan is a small, hole in the wall restaurant that has received critical acclaims including a Michelin Star. The restaurant serves freshly made dim sum entrees that cost between $10 HKD to $24 HKD, making it the least expensive Michelin Starred restaurant in the world.

Tim Ho Wan's dining room only seats 20, and with the award and popularity, wait is inevitable. On the Saturday I was there, my friends and I waited 3 hours, from 1 PM till 4 PM when we finally got seated. Tip: Go early and get a number, then walk around Mong Kok for an hour or two.

The head chef at Tim Ho Wan was the dim sum chef at Four Seasons Hotel in Hong Kong. One day, he decided that top quality dim sum should be available to everyone at a reasonable price. So he left Four Seasons and opened up Tim Ho Wan with a partner. The rest, as they say, is history.

Their signature dish is the charsiu buns, which has BBQ pork inside a bun with crispy egg topping. It is a distinct departure from the typical steamed charsiu buns. Other dishes like hargow and siumai are more traditional, but made with flavorful and fresh ingredients.

Tim Ho Wan


Tim Ho Wan Dimsum Specialist is on the back streets of Mong Kok near the intersection of Dundas and Waterloo streets. Please consult the map above for how to get there from the MTR station.