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Hex Core

posted May 5, 2017, 8:07 AM by ms b0b
I wanted to max out the potential of these servers so off to eBay and shop. This are the prices on Monday, May 1.

L5640 2.26GHz $23
E5645 2.4GHz $20
E5649 2.53GHz $27
X5650 2.66GHz $24
X5660 2.8GHz $28
X5670 2.93GHz $44

X series have 95W or 135W TDP. R510 only supports up to 95W TDP so X5670 or X5675 is the max. X series also have a higher QPI rate, but with increase of rate comes with an increase in power consumption. Right now my use is not IO bound so the increase does not seem to be worthwhile. Also the uptick in price at X5670 is hard to stomach...

E series have 80W and the L series have 65W TDP. The L series runs at the same voltage so the TDP reduction comes entirely from the lower clock speed. At near idle E series and L series should have similar power cosumption.

In the end, I went for two E5645. The price was right too. Also picked up an extra R410 heatsink for the socket. R410 heatsinks work in R510 and costs about 1/3 the price.

The parts arrive 3 days later on Thursday. Without further ado, they were installed in the secondary VM host and powered up.

Error E1410. CPU1 IErr.

Moved the two E5645 into the primary VM host. No problem there. Moved the two E5620s into the secondary VM host. Still E1410. Googling that error code turned up a post about bent pins. My R510 sockets do not have bent pins, so what can be wrong?

At a whim, I unlatched the sockets and flexed the locking arm several times. I could hear the pins making contact with the pads at the bottom of the processor. Latched the sockets, mounted the heatsinks, and plugged in the power. Powered on. System booted without error.

My theory: The processors' pads had dimples formed after over many years of service. Placing a used processor in a socket, the pins and dimples do not line up causing some pins to be hanging. The flexing of the locking arm allowed the pins to settle into dimples making good connection.

Primary VM Host
2x E5645 2.4GHz Hex-Core
ESXi 6.5

Secondary VM Host
2x E5620 2.4GHz Quad-Core
ESXi 6.5

Storage Server
1x E5630 2.53GHz Quad-Core
6x 2TB SATA 7200rpm HDD
1x 128GB SSD L2ARC
FreeNAS 9.10

Spare part
2x 2TB NLSAS 7200rpm HDD
1x E5630 2.53GHz Quad-Core

Wish list: Home surveillance with PoE net cams. Maybe I can get another heatsink and throw that E5630 in the storage server.