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Using Text-to-Speech with Nico Live

posted Jul 9, 2011, 8:08 AM by ms b0b   [ updated Mar 20, 2017, 5:55 PM ]


In the last post, I outlined the software needed for conducting your broadcast. During last night's broadcast, a viewer requested me to write up how I setup text-to speech. I use Niconama Comment Viewer with Bouyomi-chan to achieve Text-to-Speech.

Getting Bouyomi-chan

Bouyomichan official site:

Direct link to version (2010-12-01)

Getting Niconama Comment Viewer

Niconama Comment Viewer (NCV) official site:

Direct link to version 0091 (2011-04-22)

Installing the Programs

Simply unzip the archive files. I expanded the archives in my \NicoLive directory, where my broadcasting tools are stored. Each program exist under their own directories: \NicoLive\BouyomiChan and \NicoLive\ncv_0091 respectively. I will refer to these directories in the future.

Setting up Bouyomi-chan

Run \NicoLive\BouyomiChan\BouyomiChan.exe

The first time you run Bouyomi-chan, it will ask you if you want to enable plugins for 2ch Browser, Skype, Twitter, etc. I said no to all of them.

After the plugin configurations, your firewall may show a warning for Bouyomichan. Say Unblock. I use the built-in firewall in Windows Vista, and it looks like below. If you use other firewall or operating system, it may look different or may not see anything at all.

Then you'll be left alone with Bouyomi-chan's interface.

The controls on this interface are as annotated in red above.

Setting up Niconama Comment Viewer

Run \NicoLive\ncv_0091\NiconamaCommentViewer.exe . This is the NCV main window.

The first time you run NCV, you will be shown this screen to retrieve your login information from browser or other places. Because NCV is hardcoded to search for cookies instead of, make sure you are either signed in there or make another account just for NCV.

Finally, the options related to text-to-speech. Here, check everything and make sure Bouyomi-chan's path shows in the bottom.

Finally, to have Bouyomi-Chan read back the comments, you need to run Bouyomi-Chan before NCV, or the above options will be turned off. If that should happen, you can open the Options and reenable the options. Enter your broadcast ID into the space and Bouyomi-chan should start readback the comments!

Broadcast Tools

If or when one of the numerous Nico Nama broadcast tools are made compatible with English site, the whole operation can be automated.